As lockdown subsides and I get out again I find that my enthusiasm for taking pics returning at a slightly slower pace, when I am out now I spend more time enjoying having escaped the house and getting to walk around in the fresh air and sunshine exploring new places as well as old often forgetting to take my camera out until later in the day.

On saying that although I have not been taking a lot of pics I find that when I do it seems to be mostly panoramas just to try and get as much as I can into a single picture, I have tried this on and off over the years as you can see from the pics below, one question that always springs to mind is what is the ratio of a panorama shot?

Looking online the most common suggestion is 3:1 which fits with some of the pics I have although mine cover quite a range, even have a couple that just look like cropped wide-angle shots even though they were created by the merging of pics not sure if I should refer to them as a panoramic or not.

While I try and figure the ratio issue I may have to dabble into the world of vertical panoramas as well, just to try something new.

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